SHONATAROSHI/SHONASOZI is a traditional craft of the Tajiks for producing combs.

To a large extent, it was developed in Samarqand, Bukhara, Khujand, Istaravshan, Hissar, and Kulob.


SUMANAK/SUMALAK/SUMANAKPAZI/SUMALAKPAZI is one of the Tajiks’ ancient traditions of cooking the herbal dish based on the wheat grown out in the eve of Navruz. Sumanak absolutely differs from other dishes. And it represents a very caloric food.


SUZANI/SUZANDUZI is a wall colorful (color or black-and-white) embroidered cover, it has the form of rectangle.

Hike to Varzob with picnic

Varzob gorge is a beautiful mountain area within a short drive from Dushanbe. The main attractions of the gorge is a waterfall and Guzgarf river valley Siema. There are many picturesque places and recreation centers where you can relax or have a snack.


NONPAZI is the craft of producing non/bread, main food of the Tajiks, which is cooked from wheat dough. In the Tajiks’ culture, different kinds of non/flatbreads are baked. One can say that each traditional event, celebration has its own kind of flatbreads: noni khonagi, fatir, fatiri varaki, kulchai ravghani, fatiri bojazza, fatiri shirmol, loturma, chappoti, girdacha, kulchacha, noni obi, gijda, zaghora, and many others.

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