Largest tea house in Central Asia

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Sharing a delicious pot of tea with friends and family is an intrinsic part of Tajik tradition. Tea is generally served with every meal and is a symbol of Tajik hospitality. Tea drinking is deeply entrenched in all social circles, including in grand tea houses (called choikhonas in Tajik).

Where better to partake of this tradition than the grandest and largest tea house in Central Asia, known as Choikhona Kokhi Navroz. This teahouse in Dushanbe, an opulent multi-domed structure with intricate hand-carved designs in wood, is a vision that you will not forget! With a wide variety of entertainment and leisurely activities inside this majestic building, including a bowling alley and a supermarket, Choikhona Kokhi Navroz is more than a teahouse.

Having tea and traditional food in a choikhona is a must when you are in Tajikistan.

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