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KULOLGARI is pottery, an artistic craft of producing different plates and dishes, other items from special clay. This craft is known to Tajiks from antiquity. Many archeological finds are evidence of that.

The craft originated in the Neolith epoch (V thousand years B.C.). The availability of special clay contributed to the development of it. A pottery clay is a more accessible raw for craftsmen. People noted that clay became more stable and solid after large fires had burnt.  Gradually, they prepared it especially and ready item are burnt in the ovens. The craft gradually became to serve in domestic life. Special ovens were produced for burning. A pottery clay did not lose its significance even after using other kinds of raw – iron, glass, gold, silver, bronze and inventing white clay – porcelain. Only women were initially engaged in a pottery craft. After inventing a pottery wheel, men were engaged in it too.





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