KULOLGARI is pottery, an artistic craft of producing different plates and dishes, other items from special clay. This craft is known to Tajiks from antiquity. Many archeological finds are evidence of that.

Largest tea house in Central Asia

Sharing a delicious pot of tea with friends and family is an intrinsic part of Tajik tradition. Tea is generally served with every meal and is a symbol of Tajik hospitality. Tea drinking is deeply entrenched in all social circles, including in grand tea houses (called choikhonas in Tajik).



DUREDGARI/NAJJORI/CHUBKORI is a carpenter craft, a kind of applied art including carpenter and carving. In wide meaning, they are the ways of wood processing.



DUZANDAGI is sewing, the craft expressed in producing dresses, life things, and others from different cloths. Sewing was handy for centuries. A sewing machine has been used recently. Stitch and first outline form the base of sewing.

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