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Таҷлили 20-солагии Рӯзи Ваҳдати миллӣ


Имрӯз дар Вазорати рушди иқтисод ва савдо бахшида ба 20-умин солгарди Рӯзи Ваҳдати миллӣ ҷаласаи тантанавӣ баргузор гардид, ки дар он роҳбарият ва кормандони дастгоҳи марказии Вазорат ширкат варзиданд.

Поздравление Министра в день работников торговли


Dear colleagues!

With great respect to you, let me to congratulate you on behalf of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade and personally on its own behalf with the professional holiday - Day of the workers of trade, consumer services and housing and communal services, which in our country is celebrated every year on the first Sunday in June аnd also sincerely wish you, prosperity and success in life, good luck in business and in professional activities.

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