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QUROQ/QUROQDUZI. Ornament is created from the scraps of cloth by sewing these scraps one to other till necessary form of item is ready. This artistic craft is also called liyofduzi, porchaduzi, and rezgiduzi. It is widely-spread among other nations of Central Asia. Dasturkhon, chodari arusi/chimilik, kurpa and kurpacha, pillow-cases, choinakpush, and others are produced thereby.

This craft has generated its technology of sticking scraps. In a Tajik craft, the following kinds of the quroqduzi technology are known:

1.Dukhti nav’I varaqi yu qatlama (layered);

2.Quroqi chashmi (against hex);

3.Quroqi qui (swan feathers);

4.Quroqi osiyobi (grinding);

5.Quroqi ba shakli omezish (mixed).

Each kind has the concreteness of ornament. There are many customs connected with quroq. For example, the shirt, sewn with quroq from the scraps collected in the house of old people, is put on a newborn baby on the seventh day for wishing a long happy life to him.

Gahvorapush is a bedspread over the cradle, which was made from quroq to wish a baby to have a strong healthy.

In the wedding ceremony, chodari arusi were produced from quroq with the wishes to have many children and stable family from two parties (fiancé and fiancée), and, at fiancé’s coming to a fiancée’s house as well as at the first fiancee’s coming to a fiancé’s house, poiandoz made from quroq (round or square) was put at feet.

The first dasturkhon of newly married was also made from quroq with the wishes of welfare and richness in the house. The tablecloth for cooking dough – sufra – was made from quroq. The pillow-cases – bolishti quroqi (quroqbolist), made from quroq, were used in the time of mourning the dead.
1 poiandoz, 1 chodari, 10 pillows – bolisht or lulabolisht, and 1 kurpa were obligatory in the marriage portion of fiancée. The mother of fiancée had to sew 1 kurpacha quroqi for her daughter, using 100 scraps. Tumor was sewn to one edge of the kurpacha, and two buchulak (bounds-ankles of sheep’s feet) – to another edge. That was a symbol of happy life, moreover, in each item of quroqduzi, its local style was manifested, which was distinguished in variety. Sewing and sticking the scraps one to other has its own rules.





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