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QOLINBOFI. Carpet is the item of weaving artistic craft that is ramarcable for in its colorfulness. The function of carpet, to a large extent, adds up to a beautiful floor-warming and soundproofing. Carpets are woven differently – one-layered, two-layered, with pile, and without pile. However, even at the one-layering, weaving technology is so that it is many-layered inside. The pile height is from 3 to 18 mm. Softening a carpet, pile shows, to a certain extent, its quality. Carpets differ in quality (technology of weaving, dyeing, and sewing), the sort of threads (wool, cotton, and pile), design, size, and concrete drawings. Its cost also depends on the specialties listed above.

Carpets are also woven taking into account pile, there are uncut (ringed), double, cut and uncut carpets.

In different regions, the carpet without pile is called differently: gilem, palos, gilemi qoqma etc. They are woven in one side.
Qolinbofi is made by hands or machine. Qolinbofi reached the most flourishing in the XV – XVII centuries.

In Tajikistan, the carpets woven by hands are in demand. This is artistic craft and belongs to folk masters.

At the present time, qolinbofi made by hands is more popular in the north of country. However, training for the craft has been good directed in many places of Tajikistan.

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