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Discussion of cooperation with the research fund of South Korea "Sooam Biotech-Researches Foundation"


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On July 10, 2017, in the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade was held a meeting of the Minister Nematullo Hikmatullozoda with the Director-General of the South Korean Research Fund "Sooam Biotech-Response Foundation", Dr. Huang Wu Suk.

During the meeting the sides discussed economic-technological and scientific-technical cooperation in the field of agriculture, cattle breeding and tourism. It was noted that the development of cattle breeding in our country has always played an important role in agriculture, economic security, in providing the population with meat and milk.

Dr. Huang Wu Suk noted that the Republic of Tajikistan has the necessary potential in the development of rare breeds of horses and livestock, in this regard, the research fund of South Korea "Sooam Biotech-Researches Foundation" opportunities in deepening cooperation in this field.

 Following the meeting, the parties expressed their intention to develop partnerships in these areas in the country's free economic zones.

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